Vegan Leather Blue Pickup Truck Eco Friendly Dog Toy

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Play time with eco-friendly toys! Dogs love the texture and durability of the vegan leather truck. Owners conscious about sustainability love that it’s made from recycled water bottles. Crafted by artisans in Colombia this non-toxic material is tightly stitched and stuffed with recycled organic cotton. The cotton rope is for light tugging and the bright colors will add additional joy to a customer’s home. Size: 9" x 3" A 3 of 5 on the chew meter makes it great for small and medium sized dogs. They are retail-ready with backcard/hangtag for quick and easy display. Not for children. A dog needs at least 7 toys with each one of the five factors listed below. This toy meets 3 of those Criteria: Chewing Tugging and Fetching. Five factor toys test. Can your dog: 1. Chew it * 2. Tug it * 3. Fetch it * 4. Interactive 5. Comforting