Small 2-Pan Ceramic Artist Paint Palette

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Palette Only: 2-well hand-carved artist paint palette measuring 5.25"x3" Gift Set: Palette, Brush Rest, Mixing Dish in Gift Box Enrich your painting practice with quality handmade tools that are not only elegant, but also functional and sustainable. This handmade ceramic paint palette is ideal to use with gouache, acrylics, oil paints, or watercolors. A thoughtful, sustainably-packaged & plastic-free present for yourself or the painter in your life. Each palette set is sculpted by our hands in regionally sourced clay that has a naturally rich hazelnut brown color which has been fired twice with maximum temperature reaching 2100 Fahrenheit. The glaze on the surface is a glossy white, which makes the palette waterproof, dishwasher & food safe, and the perfect surface for mixing colors and washing off with ease. Each palette is crafted by hand. Imperfections are to be embraced. Designed and crafted by hand in Michigan by Sophie and Chase. Accessories pictured are not included.