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With its beautiful and simple design you can elevate your on the go style. We understand that having that perfect tumbler for any cold drink can make all the difference. Whether it be an iced coffee or an ice cold glass of water to iced tea, it will be more enjoyable with this glass tumbler and Bamboo straw and lid. ~~~ What's Included: Glass tumbler, Bamboo Lid, Bamboo Straw ~~~ Care: Warm water and mild soap detergent can be used to clean Bamboo lid and straw. Clean glass surface for easy sublimation. ~~~ Dimensions: Height: 15cm Width: 8cm Weight: 10.4 *Can hold 12 ounces* ~~~ Environmental Impact: Since glass is a sustainable and fully recyclable material, it’s less harmful to the environment compared to the 2 million single use cups in the US alone that are disposed of every single day.