Pork Shank Nylon Squeaker Dog Chew Toy - Pork flavored

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Chewing and playing are important to a dog's health. As a vegan alternative to bones, this 100% recyclable Nylon Pork Shank shaped and natural pork flavored dog toy is great for entertainment. The nylon rubber mix provides soft and hard chewing surfaces and the squeakless noise maker taps into their natural instincts to hear their prey. Dogs have a natural need to gnaw as they receive dental, boredom-reducing, anxiety-alleviating, and mentally stimulating benefits. Proper chewing toys reduce destructive behavior. A 3.5 of 5 on the chewing scale makes this great for dogs of all sizes who are medium chewers. They are retail-ready with backcard/hangtag for quick and easy display. Not for children. A dog needs at least 7 toys with each one of the five factors listed below. This toy meets 2 of those criteria: Chewing and Fetching and 5/5 in terms of durability. Five factor toys test. Does your dog: 1. Chew it * 2. Tug it 3. Fetch it * 4. Interact with it 5. Find Comfort with it