Playing Card Deck with Adorable Animals

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I created a high quality, limited edition deck of playing cards starring my handmade wood sculptures. This deck was printed by the United States Playing Card Company, makers of Bicycle Brand decks, so they will last for years and years of continuous use. They are printed with 100% recyclable and repulpable paper, 100% nontoxic inks, starch based adhesives, water based coatings, and USA based and FSC certified raw paper suppliers. This is a standard sized (poker) deck that can be used the same way you use any deck of cards. The heart cards are all feature water animals, the spades are all birds, the diamonds are ground critters and the clubs are all fantasy or imaginary animals. Most of the animals are holding an object so the deck can be used for storytelling prompts. The cover of the box and back of every card is my version of the classic Bicycle "Rider" deck but with bunnies and tools ;)