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Our iconic, understated woven Moroccan baskets are perfect for a Sunday morning at the farmers market or a trip to the beach - a full circle, centuries long journey for a handicraft that traces its roots back not only through Morocco, but all the way back to coastal Spain. A Closer Look Much in the way that you can identify which part of Morocco a specific ceramic hails from by the color of the clay used to produce it, Moroccan basket-making regions are identifiable by the material used to form the body of the bag. These Moroccan palm baskets come from the southern shores near Essaouira where large palm groves provide the raw material. While men do the harvesting, the weaving is a craft that women can do from their homes. Options Galore Our basket is available with either an authentic Moroccan leather strap, or a vegan handle made by braiding the palm leaves using a second technique. The leather straps fit comfortably over the shoulder, while the palm handle is better for hand carrying. All of the baskets are easily stackable for easy storage in between shopping trips. These roomy baskets are easy to clean, and their simplicity is elegant and stylish. Sizes Approximate sizes due to hand-made nature of artisan work. Leather 20" wide x 12" high x 21" long. Leather strap approx. 9-12"