Le Rouge Love Cookie Box (4 cookies)

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With a fiery red shade and a bold heart on the top, LE ROUGE Love box is sure to tug at the heartstrings of your loved ones. "I named it LE ROUGE Love Box for a reason: whenever I see this shade, I am always reminded of the red lipstick the Parisian women wear.” Gently pull the blue ribbon on the right side of the box, and you’ll be delighted to see our specially designed “I love you” cookies. Your lover will find it impossible to resist the oh-so-adorable cuteness and deliciousness of the cookies, leaving them with no choice but to have your love melt in his/her mouth. 4 cookies are packed in pairs in the box. These cookies remain fresh for 3 months at room temperature! Does it get any better? Products are featured on the Today Show, ABC World News, and Oprah Daily.