Lavender Seeds

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1 tin of 100 Non-GMO Common English Lavender seeds. To germinate:  Don’t plant too deeply as the seeds benefit from having light in order to germinate. They grow to 18-24” diameter shrubs with 3” blooms when grown in full sun. Plant in regular well-draining potting mix and don’t overwater to prevent root rot. To get the best results, provide cold stratification for the seeds. You can place them in a ziploc bag in a moist paper towel and leave them in the fridge for a month. Check on them on a weekly basis to make sure the paper towel is still moist and if the seeds germinate, plant them in soil. They should sprout for you within 14-30 days and then transplant the seedlings when they have 2+ sets of adult leaves. For the 2022 growing season.