Kally Orchard Sage Spritz (Non-Alcoholic)

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Kally is an adult, non-alcoholic beverage made for sipping. Kally’s flavors balance acidity, tannins and sweetness to create a unique alcohol alternativeHerbaceous, tangy, and alive. Orchard Sage Spritz is herbaceous, tangy, and alive. Our favorite non-alcoholic sipper gets spritzed with fine bubbles for a drink that always hits the spot. Sage offers complex notes of mint and lemon, blending with apple and elderflower to create a magically pleasing combination. Kally is made with locally-sourced verjus, a tart grape juice, which gives Kally a gentle bite, similar to alcohol. We layer fruit, teas and botanicals on top of the verjus to give Kally complex flavors. Kally can be paired with paired with food or enjoyed on its own. Orchard Sage Spritz is non-alcoholic, contains no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners and no added sugar. This case comes packaged as 4 X 6-packs (with PakTech can carriers) which can be resold directly or broken up into individual cans. Cans are 8 oz.