Everything But The Toilet Potty Pack - Wet Wipes Included

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Potty Pack: Your Portable Bathroom Hygiene Solution Stay prepared for any restroom situation with the Potty Pack, the ultimate travel hygiene kit for mothers and families. This compact, affordable kit ensures comfort and cleanliness, even in the most challenging bathroom environments. What's Inside: Disposable Seat Cover: Fits standard toilets, protecting against germs. Two-Ply Toilet Paper: 4 feet of soft, gentle tissue. Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E: Safe for sensitive skin, offering soothing care. Hand Sanitizer Lotion: Non-drying formula for clean, germ-free hands. Cleansing Hand Wipes: Extra protection for utmost hygiene. Ideal for travel, outdoor activities, or everyday use, the Potty Pack is a must-have for families, ensuring a hygienic bathroom experience wherever you go. Perfect for airports, camping, or public restrooms, it's the essential kit for cleanliness on the move. Portable Bathroom Essentials, Hygiene Pack, Family Travel Accessory,