Eucalyptus Dishbar™

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Dishbar™ in eucalyptus (6.2oz) Handmade in Upstate New York by an artisan soaper with over 20 years experience in her craft. DISHBARS are great sellers and offer something unique to your customer. People love to gift them. They come in eucalyptus, lemon, orange or fragrance-free. They fit beautifully with our earth stone soap tray making a good upsell if you offer both in your store. This bar has only 7 natural ingredients and will not dry out or irritate your skin.  Soap box is plastic free and easily recyclable. Alternatively you can order the Dishbar in a paper wrap or with no packaging at all (see separate listings) Ingredients: Coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), olive oil, plant based stearic acid, castor oil + essential oil