Christmas Overdyed Kantha Quilts

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We have taken our overdye kanthas and had them produced in green. These are perfect to stock your store with items to blend in with all of your Christmas goodies. You will still see other colors pop through but background and overall look is a subtle green. These are great in the home as a tree skirt, on the couch for a lighter cozy blanket, or take it everywhere you travel. While these are perfect for the holidays their life goes on well after the holidays end because of their subtle coloring. Our kantha quilts are all made from recycled cotton saris. Theses saris are hand stitched with a running stitch called the kantha stitch. You may notice some slight imperfections that we consider a bonus like patches, small stains, etc. each quilt varies a bit in size and no 2 are the same. Each side of the quilt is also unique. We have washed and dried all of these before sending to you. We recommend a delicate cycle. 40” by 80” approximately.