Brilliant Grey 3" Planter

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Well, it's really happening - succulent pots are ALL the rage in the US and now even in the UK! Decorative pots for indoor plants have taken a while to catch fire but they are flying now and the small but mighty Brilliant is the perfect start to get on trend. You could even create your own little Roman garden with these bad boys! Ever since England was the theme of the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show we decided to take an old world, classic shape version of succulent pots and really funk it up with a hip color palette. These look simply awesome in an arrangement of 3 because of the slight but clever variations in height. Use them of course for planting succulents or even with fresh cut flowers. We've shown it with a variety of 1 inch - 2.5 inch succulents. Would also be super cute filled with Daisies. Trust us, decorative pots for indoor plants are the present AND the future - bring the outside IN!