Boxed USB 2-Port Wall Adapter Plug

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CHARGE 2 DEVICES WITH THE USB OUTLET ADAPTER Lightning-quick charging speed and the convenience of 2 open USB slots make the wall plug adapter very handy. Everyone needs a USB wall adapter for their smartphone, tablets, laptops, and other electronics. The USB 2-Port Wall Adapter is efficient and energy-saving by reducing power output and quickening the charging process. You can pack the USB outlet adapter in your purse, clutch, fanny pack, or backpack without it taking up too much space. It’s light and compact making it the perfect traveling essential. Key Features Input: DC12-24V Output: 2.1 / 1A Weight: 0.4oz Comes in a pack of 12 Charge 2 devices at once with the lightning-quick USB 2-Port Wall Adapter - Pack of 12. Order in bulk quantity and receive a nice discount. The more you order the more you save!