Adventure Tuesday Road Trip Club

What are they talking about!? …and how do I join

Adventure Tuesday is a fun road trip kit that includes all kinds of goodies. It’s a day away with a loved one, a day to breathe new air, see new things and experience a new adventure. Pat & I used to jump in the car almost every Tuesday and head in a new direction - and we’re bringing our discoveries to you!

You can use your kit any day of the week and anytime you’d like!

How does the Club work?

With your yearly membership you will receive an Adventure Tuesday Road Trip 4 times each year. Each kit will be a new collection of goodies & wine - with a new path to take for a fun filled ‘guided’ day.

As you gather your quarterly kits we will be building you the coolest, most useful road trip kit you’ve ever seen! You’ll want to keep these supplies in your car for impromptu trips to the beach, sunsets on the tailgate, and park play dates!

(2021 will offer 3 Adventures and will be priced accordingly)

What comes in a Road Trip Kit?

Each kit will be unique to the season and include a bottle of wine, delicious road trip snacks & trip-enhancing swag from our shop. The kit will include everything you need for that adventure, including a map to follow and a custom playlist carefully created by DJ Golden Gram for the drive. Every item in the kit will be curated from the shop and be seasonally and geographically correct for your guided adventure map!

Worth MORE than every cent!

Each kit will be valued at $200 minimum.

For the 2021 Inaugural Season, the ‘Pioneer Road Trippers’,

the ‘Explorers’ & ‘Freshman Class’

the special price will be $450 for all 3 kits. (just $150 per kit!)

We think you trust us…and we KNOW these trips will be just what you need to get back out into the world. (socially distant,of course)

The kits will be released in April, July and October in 2021.

The Adventures you’ll have and the memories you’ll create are priceless - and we could all use something to smile about!


2021 will limited to the first 25 Road Trippers we hear from - we want to do this RIGHT and BIG - so we will keep the club SMALL and CLOSE. After you join we will keep you posted for your kit pick up dates & times. We hope to have the winemakers on hand and perhaps snacks and a little live music - Covid permitting.

I don’t dare call it a ‘Pick Up Party’…

 If you have any questions and/or to join the Adventure Tuesday Road Trip Club please email

I can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you for supporting us!

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